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  dear colleagues:

pk10开奖结果  hello, i share with you the topic is: corporate social responsibility.

pk10开奖结果  corporate social responsibility ( corporatesocialresponsibility, csr) refers to the enterprises to create profits for shareholders, bear legal responsibility at the same time, also undertake to employees, customers, community and environmental responsibility. corporate social responsibility requires the enterprises to go beyond the profit as the only goal of the traditional philosophy, emphasis on the production process of the value of human attention, emphasis on consumer, environmental, contribution to society.

  remember that we have just moved into the building, regardless of the weekend, or at 10: 00 to the company, you will find our this building always lights, as bright as day. i think at that time, the premier for his annual unit gdp energy consumption reduced by 4% goals; and our late night nobody when lighted, why can"t we do some contribution for the premier goal?

  i think back and forth to oneself, toss and turn restlessly, then president gao ruibin wrote an email, attached the photo, suggested, we should find better energy-saving measures to reduce energy consumption for countries to make our contribution。 high total in his busy schedule to see my messages, promptly forwarded to an associated organization and colleagues。

  we think, in which after what has changed?

  so long, i see every night 9: 00, 10: 00, in our building will be the property of staff to inspect each floor, power off.

pk10开奖结果  to this year july 10th, our office at 7 : 30 after lighting will be automatically closed. see the satisfactory change, i gave a high total wrote an email, attached 2 photos, one is at 11 : 00 then we motorola mansion; it shows our lighting power supply have been almost completely closed, with the last picture really is my not. another photo of our neighbors, a canadian company"s mansion; displayed above their lighting like we were building a year ago that way, as clear as daylight ... ...

  high total gave me the reply that the name is corporatesocialresponsibility csr, corporate social responsibility, not just the company, as well as each employee "s responsibility。 only we work together, we will continue to uphold the company of equality, open, inclusive, innovative spirit, innovation in science and technology continue to forge ahead on the road; our society will be more harmonious。

  so what i am going to do, is to nortel ceo write, tell them to the attention of section pass reduction. in the hope that this time next year, in this place, to report my progress.

  thank you very much!

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